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produced with 100 % Solarpower

Photos taken at Bolsena lake (Italy) in summer 2021

For full 3D / AR – experience at OPEN-AR click here

The mighty hand is an AR-Sculpture and NFT. The title refers to a bronze sculpture by sculptor Auguste Rodin from 1880. Rodin was able to combine an innovative, conceptual artistic practice with an inimitable sense of form and aesthetics in his works. Abysmalness and aspects of vulnerability also play an important role in his torso and body fragment sculptures.

The mighty handtakes Rodin’s work of the same name as a 3D replica and confronts it with components of Lamborghini’s ultracar Aventador , a highly alienated 3D scan of sculptor Bernhard Heiliger’s „Flamme“ (1963), and a 3D scan of a modified kitsch fairytale fountain „Marienborn“ (2017) by Joachim Blank.

In its fluid, digital form, the AR sculpture assembled from these three parts combines different aspects of sculpture from different epochs, styles, and areas of application into a further narrative.